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    in Samsun

    First Day

    The starting point for visiting Samsun, the city of Atatürk, is Tütün Pier decorated with statues of Atatürk and his comrades in arms. This monument built in memory of May 19, 1919 is located in the center of the city, opposite the industrial pier. 

    Onur monument is about 500 meters from Tütün Pier. This statue, which was placed in the heart of the city in 1932, became the most known symbol and the most visited point of Samsun.

    Gazi Museum is approximately 500 meters west of Onur Anıtı. Many works from Atatürk's personal belongings to important memories of the War of Independence are exhibited.

    The Giant model of the Bandırma ferry that brought Atatürk to Samsun, faithful to the original, is located approximately 5 km east of Onur Anıtı in Doğupark. 

    Tea in Doğupark,in this area, which is a green oasis in the middle of the city, you can relax by sipping your tea by the sea.

    You can reach Batıpark and Amisos hill in the middle of İlkadım and Atakum districts by tram or your private vehicle from Doğupark and reach Amisos hill (Amisos Tepesi) by cable car. At the end of this tour during which you will watch Samsun from a panoramic angle, you will reach royal tombs that are thousands of years old and various food and beverage facilities. Or, if you wish, you can visit the Amazon Village museum in Batıpark and eat fish or Samsun pide at the restaurants on the beach. 

    If you wish, you can visit Atakum beach, which is home to 11 blue flag beaches by renting a bicycle and taking a bicycle path parallel to the 10 km long beach or by walking along wide pavements under the shade of trees.

    Yabancılar Bazaar, Mecidiye Caddesi and Çiftlik; towards the evening, you can return to the city center and visit these 3 points in the city center to buy souvenirs. You will witness the liveliness of the city in these 3 centers where you can travel more easily on foot.

    Second Day

    Kızılırmak Bird Sanctuary, which is on the Unesco Tentative Heritage List, can be reached from 19 Mayıs district. Since vehicle entrance to the region is prohibited to limit carbon emissions, you can continue your way from Bird Sanctuary with the tour buses of the Metropolitan Municipality or with your bike.

    Nebiyan Mountain and Plateau is one of the places that should especially be seen in the summer months with its social facilities, unique pristine nature and relaxing climate.

    Bafra pide, ice-cream and nokul;to taste this trio, the symbols of Samsun cuisine, you should definitely visit Bafra, which is located approximately 20 km west of 19 Mayıs district.

    Bafra Kolay Tourism Center; this natural wonder, which emerged from the waters of Altınkaya dam, is approximately 15 km north of Bafra. The area offers many alternatives to its visitors not only with its natural beauties but also with historical points such as rock tombs and Tependeligi.