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    Samsun, which has a history dating back thousands of years, does not only bear the traces of the Black Sea Region in terms of cuisine culture, it also offers the flavors of Anatolian, Balkan and Caucasian regions. In this context, Samsun offers extremely rich menus with fish, poultry, duck and goose meat as well as dishes made with wild herbs, vegetables and pastries.

    Known from the Black Sea region, cabbage soup, stuffed cabbage leaves, pickled beans, fried beans and kuymak made of corn flour have taken their places among the flavors you can taste in Samsun. Moreover, Samsun pidesi (a kind of traditional pastry like pita) identified with Bafra and Terme; Tirit dish made with goose, turkey, duck or chicken; Keskek, usually cooked for weddings and Çarşamba kıvratması are among the best-known local dishes.

    Among the dozens of other options are; Çakallı menemeni, kaz tiridi, Ladik et tandırı, Yakakent fish and mantısı, (Bafra nokulu and Terme lemonade are flavors that people visiting Samsun should not miss.